Saturday, 16 March 2013


2011 was a rather horrendous year for Queensland as our state was ripped apart by Cyclone Yasi  at the top end and then flooded into submission in the southern part of the state.  Nothing new.  In reality it happens all too frequently with a similar scenario taking place in January 2013, and once again the state was on high alert. Bundaberg  was  flooded to depths never seen before thanks to Cyclone Oswald and areas that had copped a caning in the 2011 floods, held their breath and prayed.

Across our country at any given time someone, somewhere is doing it tough due to drought, fire, flood or cyclone.

I was proud to be able to contribute to a book by + Bernadette Lawson entitled :The True Spirit of Cyclone Yasi.

The book is an inspiring compilation of personal stories, letters, journal entries, poems, photos and drawings from contributors of all ages as they reflect on their lives, the laughter as well as the pain, the fear as well as the courage.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy or want to see what Bern is up to with her latest book you will find the information here.

Received the following email from Bernadette - now this is wonderful news.

On 16/04/13 11:47 AM, "Life Love Laughter Ink" <> wrote:
Hello Everyone,

It is with great honour I am informing you that we are the fortunate winners of the WRITING Award at the North Queensland Arts Awards last Friday night! I want you to know that your efforts big and small, all went to making the book the success that it is and so this award is as much yours as it is mine! Be very proud of your contribution and know that you will have a place in my heart forever.

Thank you for sharing in this most wonderful journey!

Cheers Bern x

and yesterday 04/09/13 yet another one from Bern - seems the True spirit of Cyclone Yasi is still bringing people together and that is a wonderful thing to come from the heartbreak that Yasi caused for so many.  Here is a portion of Berns e-mail......

I went to meet the wonderful hard working crew at the Museum of Tropical Queensland today. They are having an exhibition on CYCLONES in November and wanted to have our book to sell, to promote, and maybe to have the contributors of "The True Spirit of Cyclone Yasi' tell their stories at a question and answers session ... OMG ... How cool hey!

Life Love Laughter Ink continues to make a difference ... now that's what it's all about!
Hey all you brilliant contributors ...... Who wants in ........ I promise we have loads of fun! 

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