Monday, 18 March 2013


A little bit of Ipswich pride on show here - our Mayor who IMO and the opinion of many others is one of the best mayors in this country has had not one but two portraits painted and entered into the competition  for The Archibald Prize. This is considered to be the most important portraiture prize in Australia for Australian artists.

This is one of the portraits of Paul and my personal favourite as it typifies the Paul that we know.  The artist who painted this is  Lesley Shelley and this photograph was taken by Rob Williams

The portrait shows Paul in one of his pink shirts, with a dainty little teapot from his famous teapot collection.

What do you think - isn't it great.

IPSWICH PRIDE                                   Maureen Clifford © 07/11 

It’s great to live in Ipswich.  I was here in seventy four,
so over thirty years have passed since I walked through the door,
but the wheel has gone full circle and once more I have returned
to a town that over years has grown, a place for which I yearned.
She welcomed me with open arms, and made me feel at home,
by calling up another flood, but not for  me alone.
Once more I saw the spirit here, that staunch, strong Ipswich pride
as neighbour now helped neighbour clean up from the muddy tide.

Six months have passed; the water’s gone, though damage still remains
and many folks are hurting.  Some homes are just timber frames.
The fight is still ongoing; the Ipswich spirit’s not bowed.
We’re buoyed by our Mayor’s mantra - only positive thoughts allowed.
It’s a progressive city, a city with style and age.
Hoped once to be our Capital – but that’s another page.
It’s where defence forces are based; they proudly call it home.
The skies above oft echo with the sound of aircraft drone.

It’s a place where parks and gardens flourish, everything is green.
In the summer Jacarandas bloom , a frothy misty dream
of soft lilac.  Purple blue tinged blossoms drift silently down
to lay a resplendent carpet on the footpaths of our town.
The people here are workers, never shirkers.  Friendly folk
who’ve done the hard yards often but still like to chat and joke.
Some are rough around the edges, though most have smiles that shine.
Ipswich is a workers town.  Railway workshops and coal mine. 

I’ve lived across this country, from the top to way out west
but it’s Ipswich I now claim as home, this city is the best.
She’s not big on frills or fancy- nancy things, though she’s not plain;
there’s a subtle strength and beauty  hidden underneath her pain.
You’ll find grand shady ladies standing out there big and proud.
Erected back when tradesmen didn’t advertise out loud.
All built to last, to standards high, with hardwood and iron lace.
Today still standing proudly as our Ipswich streets they grace. 

There are open parklands everywhere.  A myriad of trees
that shade our streets and river banks.  The Bremer takes her ease.
Trees planted by our founders, men long gone and men who mined
who craved a touch of beauty. their legacy left behind.
It’s great to live in Ipswich , I can say that with no doubt
which I do,  I share my Ipswich pride whenever I am out.
In the past she’s been looked down on, ridiculed, even slandered.
Now she proudly leads the way upholding Queensland's fine gold standard.

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