Saturday, 16 March 2013


A  fascination that lingers long past childhood –
 playing with fire.
They sneak in the dark
 on their journey to nowhere
excited to be unleashing
 their kaleidoscope of colours
caring not
 that soon all evidence of life will be removed.

The small flame crescendos into
 a towering raging monster
that devours all before it in its fiery maw
 with no escape
Fanned by winds,  fed by trees,  it leaps forth,
 jumping from tree to tree.
An orange orang-utan of  fire
 and destruction
 and death.

In a better world, 
 were they caught and incarcerated
for their crime against humanity and nature,
perhaps they 
could be condemned 
to a life of eternal darkness
and their parole details noted 
in the diary of the forgetful.

Maureen Clifford © 02/11

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