Saturday, 16 March 2013


My philosophy on life

Maureen Clifford  ©

Time gets away a bit faster each day,
 so enjoy it for it won’t come back.
With the bit in its teeth it is galloping fast
  and heading at pace down the track.
It kicks over traces as  past hours it races 
and never once stops to draw rein.
This unstoppable steed gallops on without heed;
 it surely won’t pass here again

If you miss on the ride something out on left side 
well too bad for the moment has passed.
No time for regret and there's  no time for tears
 if you’re thrown and land flat on your arse.
Just gather the reins and climb on again,
 hold on tighter this time don’t be scared.
For it’s hoped now you'll ride with good luck on your side 
and never regret that you dared...

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