Thursday, 2 May 2013

LUCY - A special dog who chose to tell her own story.

A video clip  that I put together along with Tim reading my poem for Lucy

This is Lucy's story

recited by +Tim Bishop the bloke who she owned.


Lucy bought Tim and I together through the ABC  Pool  site because of a photograph of Lucy that Tim had posted.  This photo drew me to it like a magnet - I can't explain why.  It was more than just because I am a dog person - the photo had a power, a presence which spoke to me of rivers, and wide open country acres, spinifex grass and mulga.It continued to draw me to it until I wrote a poem for Lucy to give to Tim.

Tim and I feel that Lucy wanted this to happen and that perhaps I was the medium she used to speak again to her beloved master and let him know that all was well with her and that she was still there for him, at his side as she had been for fourteen years.  September 2009 was the year Lucy died and September 2010 is the year that Lucy sent her message to Tim through me
Unbeknown to me Tim recorded my Poem.  He has a wonderful voice and there is so much emotion in his reading that it bought me to tears and I wrote the darn thing.  With the assistance of +Chris 'Savvy'  Savill from ABC Pool they then set Lucy to music - with wonderful background effects - and best of all in the distance you can hear Lucy barking - she sounds pretty happy.

The piano is played by  +Connie Scivoletto in London, an original piece also done for Lucy.

Tim, Chris, Connie, Lucy and myself hope you have enjoyed listening to - Lucy

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