Wednesday, 22 May 2013


A poem that I wrote and put together as a  video clip along with some great steam train photographs for those who have a fondness for the old locos.

Ipswich is a city of great diversity.  Not only do we have an Air Force Base, but we also have Railway workshops and coal mines.  Ipswich is a working mans town, a town that over the years has done the hard yards, many times over.  No matter what is thrown at her, she bounces back ready to fight another day, and always her beauty shines in her gracious homes, beautifully kept parks and gardens, and gorgeous Jacaranda trees that grace so many of her streets and homes.

At night one hears the mournful sound of the coal trains whistle as they pull the laden coal skips through town.  The steam trains are gone replaced by diesel, but Ipswich still has a love affair with its old steam trains.

The Workshops Rail Museum at North Ipswich host steam train rides to Grandchester, and the Steam Train Sundays are very popular with visitors and locals alike, and of course  Thomas the Tank Engine and the Fat controller are a great hit with the kids.

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