Monday, 6 May 2013

AUSSIE TAILS AND AUSSIE MALES and one or two other things.

I am feeling really beaut that +Angus and Robertson are now mentioning this book on their web site - it was great to be linked with the other publishers but having it with good old Angus and Robertson kind of brings it home to Australia.  Presumably they got the Aussie humour in the title in which the spelling is quite deliberate - as there are a few 4 legged mates with tails in the book.....but you knew that didn't you?

It is available through Bookcountry on this link

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 Danes and Noble, Sony and Angus and Robertson.

Should soon be available through-

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That's the title and this is some of what is inside ...

So what do your reckon?  It's not all bad is it?  It's a good healthy diet of Australian yarns and bush poetry and surely you would like to read more.... don't want you getting withdrawal symptoms now do we?

What is contained within this book I hope speaks for itself. It is predominantly poetry written about Australia and her people in the Bush Poetry style. There’s a yarn and a couple of jokes as well as some photos and I don’t know if it is all politically correct but it’s told as one would tell a story to a good mate – over a cuppa or a beer.

A collection of poetry and yarns written over the years. Some are true; some have a fair share of bulldust sprinkled on them. All are Australian and written with love. There’s a horse or two making their appearance, lots of dogs and more than one or two sheep. There’s the cow cocky, the farmer, the drover and sometimes a swaggie coming up the track. The odd bit of machinery roars in and the mild swear word occasionally roars out. You’ll get to read about the Aussie bush, the Aussie sheilas and blokes and get a taste of some Australian humour as well. There’s a bit of everything in here – it’s a Heinz variety. You might read some sad ones as well as some bloody mad ones. I hope there’s no bad ones. Cheers Maureen
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