Thursday, 30 May 2013


I am very lucky to have a book review done by fellow author and poet +Terry Piggott who wrote 'Around the Campfire" a book of Australian Bush Poetry about his adventures outback fossicking for gold.

Here is what Terry had to say about my EBook ' Aussie Tails and Aussie Males.'... 


Maureen’s poetry takes you on a journey through Australia, from the coastal towns and cities through to the vast outback. Her poetry captures so well the spirit of the larrikin Australian, both at war and in peace. It also tells the stories of endless rounds of flood, drought and bush fires, while at the same time posing the question of whether these wonderful characters and our Aussie heritage are slowly disappearing for good.

You will also find poems that touch on the indigenous culture of the first Australians and many other topics.

Maureen’s great love of animals is obvious from the first page of the book, leaving the reader in no doubt as to where her heart lies and those who share a similar love of animals, will find much enjoyment in the poetic stories woven into the pages of this book.

There is something for everybody, some wonderful poems and even a couple of well written stories.

Terry Piggott

How nice is that?

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For those readers who love animals, and enjoy the outdoor life, and can appreciate the disasters and the humour that sometimes comes with them. For those who have served their country, regardless of which flag was flying overhead then some of the Military poems contained in this book might strike a chord with you.

For anyone who loves a good read about Australia, from Ned Kelly, Australia’s most infamous bushranger to the local farmer with a weather fetish who just had to ask ‘Did ya get a bit last night?’ – then this book might be the one you’re looking for.

The author spent time on a sheep property surrounded by dogs, sheep, feral goats and an awful lot of red dirt – during the worst drought Australia had seen in 100 years, She then moved to a town that got flooded out twice in quick succession . Both times luckily sustaining a near miss.

She is a lover of animals and the land who also writes rhyming poetry in the Australian Bush Poetry style. Come on in and read about The Secrets of a Working Dog. Catch up on the local gossip and find out who was Hot to Trot and why one bloke asked the question Did you get a bit last night? You might need a box of tissues handy when you read about Goddy Small and find out why Only one came home, but it’s a book that has been described as a bloody beauty and a ripper of a good read……Only one way to find out though isn’t there? 

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