Wednesday, 4 May 2016


..Maureen Clifford © The #ScribblyBark Poet...

Khamah-D Blue is a red dog, he's a short dog I think you'll agree
Khamah-D Blue is a beaut happy chappy.  And yes!  He loves Elly and me.
Khamah-D Blue is quite cheeky, but that I am happy to see
'cause I know that it means he's settled - and can now live here happily.

Khamah-D Blue hates the mower and of motorbikes is not a fan.
My number one son has a motorbike and Khamah-D thinks that he can
kill it - not for want of trying.  When heard  Khamah-D cuts up rough
the minute they start, he howls and  barks regardless of my stern 'ENOUGH'.

Khamah-D Blue likes his tucker and likewise his green squeaky bone,
short he may be but when he's running free he's just like a mini cyclone.
Four short legs pumping like pistons, muscles as big as can be
power him flat-chat and Oh God!  Please not that, the little sods heading for me.

Life as we know it has changed now - gone are the days of sweet calm
there's thrust and parry almost akin to a battlefield out on the Somme.
Lucky for him he takes orders and shows no desire to roam

Lucky for him that we love him for he's now the heart of our home.
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