Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Flash mobs have become popular world wide of late and here is a video clip of one performing Bolero at the beautiful Southbank Parklands that runs alongside the Brisbane River just across the river from the Brisbane CBD - enjoy.


and here is a short video clip I put together to share with you ................

The Journey of the River Serpent

Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-commercial
When the River Serpent goes walkabout he wanders back up the Brisbane River and into the Bremer River at Ipswich - he makes his way through the creeks, crossing mountain ranges back to his birthplace in Stanthorpe in the grey granite hills of the high country   and to Ballandean where he planned to boogie with the black snakes at the Jazz in the Vineyard bash.

This is his journey, follow him - see him, hear his song

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