Sunday, 31 March 2013



AS CAFES across Ipswich embrace the concept of dining out with your furry best mate, experts are warning pet lovers to pay special attention to "petiquette".
If you are one of the growing number of foodies taking your pooch out for a pup-a-chino, remember there are certain rules that need to be obeyed.

+ Coffee Cottage - 9 Blackstone Road , Eastern Heights is just a hop skip and a jump from Queens Park.  If you would like a gelato or a  light meal, morning or afternoon tea to die for this is the place.  Pets are welcome and the girls are shortly introducing a range of doggie delicacies especially for your four legged mates.  You can choose to sit beneath the shade of the front awning of this delightful little corner store and watch the world go by or eat out the back beneath the shady trees. 
+Fourthchild  Cafe - 126 Brisbane Street Ipswich has a custom-designed area specifically for people to dine out with their pets.
+Bon Laneway  - Ellenborough Street, Ipswich  owner Donna Waters said she welcomed pets to the outdoor dining area of cafe and had never had one complaint about the manners of a furry customer.
+Cactus Espresso Bar -  173 Brisbane Street Ipswich owner Jim McKee said he welcomed people to bring their pooches in while they enjoyed a coffee.
Petiquette Rules
·        Feed your pet prior to your visit so they don't disturb other patrons by looking for food
·        Ensure your pet is groomed and clean
·        Be prepared by bringing a portable water bowl for your pet.
·        Ensure your pet is secure and on a leash close to your table
·        Monitor your pet to make sure they're well behaved around other patrons, employees and children. 

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