Thursday, 15 October 2015


Mahalia had been an abused dog prior to me getting her.  We believe she had been beaten and kicked and think that caused her liver cancer/lymphoma which was diagnosed nearly 4 years ago.  At the time the vet told me to take her home and love her – she has maybe 2 months.  But my girl was a fighter, she never gave up and neither did I.  We managed another 4 years, and every day was a blessing.  The last few weeks I noticed she was really slowing down and just wanted to be near me all the time, we both knew that the end was coming I think.  She has done the hard yards many times over and is one of the bravest dogs I know.  She overcame every hurdle and always gave of her best.  No one could ask for more.

Pets at Peace came and took her body away.  Gently they placed her in a bed, cocooned her in a pink blanket and gave Ellyssa a little bear to comfort her as well.  Elly and I said our farewells and Mahalia's ashes will return home next week. 

Tonight she will sit beside another chair.  Hopefully her Grandpa will have found her and all her other cousins the ones that went before her will make her welcome, for they have all been together in my heart for many years. 

Goodbye my gorgeous girl until we meet again.  You will always be loved. 

   REQUIM FOR MAHALIA – 15.10.15

Your eyes are opened but don’t see , even though they stare at me.
You lie there in your usual place, relaxed, at peace and now that space
is empty.  You won’t rest no more, beside my chair or near the door,
for you my girl have gone, departed, and I am left here broken hearted.

You were the bravest girl I knew, and adversity had found you
but to the challenge oft’ you rose and overcame, and oh how those
days  played a part,  but to give up – not in your heart.
You can rest now – your soul’s in flight – my angel’s by God’s chair tonight

With Uncle Mike not long after I rehomed her in November 2005
One of the last pictures taken of her with her sister Ellyssa

She had blood tests done that diagnosed the lymphoma in 2011

A cruciate ligament repair in the middle of a cold Ipswich winter saw her downstairs for about 6 weeks as she couldn't manage the stairs

Looking gorgeous

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