Thursday, 22 October 2015


… Maureen Clifford © The ‪#‎ScribblyBark‬ Poet ..

The Kookaburras chortled and called in the sun
as the legends tell us that they do
and the dark midnight sky faded out to soft grey
tinged with lilac, an interesting hue;
and old Mother Nature an artist apart
splashed her colours like paint on a canvas – her art
is breathtaking and always strikes right at the heart
of the people who live in God’s country .

All the colours of the rainbow are gathered here
there’s the soft pink of Sturt’s Desert Rose
and the yellow blossom of the wattle you see
whilst round Spinifex clumps tickle toes.
The Perentie display colours grey, green and brown.
Red grevillea share their sweet nectar around
after rain tiny daisies and ground flowers abound
each one adding colour to country.

She paints ancient deserts in rich golden hues
inland rivers she paints ochre brown ,
whilst her oceans are tinged in soft turquoise and cream
with their shorelines in silver, and down
in the depths she has coral in carmine and green
with clusters of pink brain coral to be seen,
sunlight penetrates through the watery sheen,
illuminating the depths of God’s country.

There’s a rock in the centre that’s bright fiery red
but it changes its colour at whim.
Sometimes it is purple at other times blue –
likewise Kata Tjuta her twin.
This is Anangu land and all are welcome here
but please show respect to the rock they hold dear
she is sacred to them – do not climb her for fear
of offending their Gods in their country.

 There are flocks of Piyar-Piyarpa wheeling round
 pink and white, bright against a blue sky.
And a Papa-Inura howls often at night
as he sits ‘neath the stars - hear his cry.
As Malu – the red kangaroo thumps on by
the ancient ones hear – and their voice is a sigh,
a mere whisper of breeze as they bid you goodbye
Palya Piranpa from God’s country.
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