Monday, 12 August 2013

LIFE IS GLORIOUS - however you look at it.

Today is a glorious day, full of sunshine, birdsong, gentle breezes and blue skies.  Sitting on the back steps with the dogs and a cuppa had me thinking back to another place and another time and  another back verandah.  

So enchanted was I with the view from my back verandah at Springdale that I used it for the cover of my book and also for the first edition of The Australia Times Poetry Magazine that I am now the editor of .  It is amazing the twists, turns and convolutions that our lives take.  If I have learnt one thing in life it is that nothing is for ever.  Just when we think we have got it all, someone or something whips the rug from under our feet forcing us to struggle up yet again.

Lucky most of us have the guts to do just that and go on to become  better and stronger that we were.  Adversity seems to bring out the Aussie fighting spirit I have found.

Anyway as I said before - today is glorious.  Just thought I'd share the view from the old place with you and my thoughts from when I was there - sitting on yet another back verandah.

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