Sunday, 14 April 2013


For any out there who are interested, the +Ipswich Poetry Feast 2013 is kicking off again, and entries are being taken.  This is a great poetry event that is centred around the poem by +Henry Lawson - The Babies of Walloon.

This is the 11th year that the poetry feast has been held, and there are many sections in which to enter.  Last year I was lucky enough to score a 3rd placing in the Local Poets section, and this year I hope to do better.  No guarantees of course but I will be doing my best.

There are always a great number of entries received from schools and children, and it is so heartening to see our young citizens of the future taking up the poetry baton and running with it.  The competition is open to all, and the grand prize winner receives a small version of the statue of The Babes of Walloon  that is the focus of the +Henry Lawson Bicentenial Park at Walloon.  Last year 2012 the statue was badly vandalized and one of the sisters was removed, but thanks to support from many people the  bronze statue was recast and replaced.

  Now that scaled down version is something I would dearly love to have on show on my bookshelf.

And by the way if you go out to Walloon  the +Walloon Country Bakehouse serves up just the best coffee and pies and the staff are lovely and friendly.  You can either eat at their outside area or get them to take away and go and enjoy the ambience at the park with the girls, and should you then fancy a cold beer on a hot Ipswich day you'd be hard pressed to find better than that served up in the +Walloon Saloon, just a stone's throw away at the roundabout.  There you have my personal recommendation .

Here is my version of the story of the two sisters of Walloon..................

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