Monday, 22 July 2013


Just sharing a couple of old photos I came across in a clean up -  One way back in 1965 of a very pregnant me age 16  with my Mum and Beauty a little mongrel cattle dog x we had back then and my Boxer Dog Blossom - taken back in the 80's when she was a little different as she had a long tail which I refused to dock.  A boxer dog with a long tail was unheard of back then so she stood out in a crowd.  Now of course and rightly so it is illegal to dock and boxers with tails are the norm.

Blossom was a gorgeous dog - my son's first  fur - sister  and she participated in everything we did including enjoying the pool -

She's gone, along with others who
are in my heart , whose love I knew.
I hope that there's a place above
for animals so dearly loved.
For she deserves to play all day
and chase big rabbits far away.

For here on earth we shared a bond.
She was always quick to respond
to my call.  Love was always there.
She sits no more beside my chair.
She comes no more, can't hear my call
her picture still is on my wall.
My Blossom.

Blossom chilling out in the pool - photo taken in the early 1980's - don't know who she was poking her tongue out at.

3 Beauties   lol

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