Friday, 7 June 2013


Anyone who  is Australian or has visited here and gone outside of the big cities will be in no doubt as to the number of corrugations we have in this great Southern Land.  From the corrugated roofs on the old Queenslander and colonial styled homes and workers cottages, to the corrugations on the dirt roads that snake across this country, many little more than goat tracks.  Those lines and wrinkles that the harsh Aussie sun has branded into countless faces.  The dips and hollows one sees in our desert sand dunes, the waves one sees on our surfing beaches rolling in, line after line  in an endless expanse of sea green corrugations.

We are without a  doubt a corrugated nation - let me tell you a little more......

Corrugated shearing sheds

Corrugated Walls

Cattle with crepey necks

Corrugated roads

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